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Achieve Grants

The Achieve Foundation awarded more than $64,000 to teachers in all South Orange/Maplewood schools for grants to pay for classroom projects this spring and beyond!
Congratulations to these Montrose teachers

who were awarded grants this year…
Maura Edgington
Lori Smith
Karen Leary

For a list of all of the Achieve grants awarded this year, please click HERE.

Montrose Summer Camp & ESY

June 27 - August 8
9:30am - 12:30pm

The Summer Camp is also considered Extended School Year (or ESY) for those children with special needs and who have an IEP (Individualized Education Program). The school district is required to provide an ESY for those children who have it in their IEP in order to maintain developing skills. The camp is for continuity as well as to have fun with peers. The teachers and staff make it extra fun by using the transportation-themed unit from Tools of the Mind curriculum and the children especially going outside for water play!

Please send in a healthy snack and a re-fillable water bottle. This summer the entire school/camp is adhering to not having the following:

Bussing is provided for the ESY students.
There is no YMCA before or after-care program during the Summer Camp.