Administrative Staff & Child Study Team

Bonita Patterson-Samuels

Anna Provenzano

School Nurse
Steffi Golden*

School Psychologist
Margaret 'Meg' Richardson

Social Worker
Rebecca Milligan

Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant


Speech Therapist
Amy Schwinder
Speech Therapist
Christina Whalen
Speech Therapist
Linda Gottlieb
Physical Therapist
Nicole Gulino
Physical Therapist
Meghan Crook
Occupational Therapist
Rita Romayev


Amanda Corredor

   Kelly Donovan

Christa Goliszeski
Stacey Field
Lataeyah Lane-Mega

Mikita Marfo

Erika Pasko

Dashanda Simpkins
*School Nurse starts on 10/16/2019. There will be subsitute coverage daily; we are working on having coverage by the same nurse for at least one week at a time. Ms. Steffi will be available on September 5th and at Back to School Night. Please call the main office if you have any questions.