Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I drop off my child and where do I pick her up? Where should I park?
Both drop off (at 8:30am) and pick up (at 2:30pm) area are assigned based on your child's class. Parking is on Clark St - at the front of the school or on Meeker St - the road that runs behind the school, parallel to Clark.

Who takes the bus and where does it pick up and drop off my child?
Bus service is only provided to those children with special needs. The location for pick up and drop off (usually at the child’s home) is set up through your child’s case manager. The Distict’s transportation department will contact parents with information on pick up/drop off time. It's a good idea to notify your child's teacher via email and call the secretary (Anna Provenzano) if there’s a last minute daily change. Along with a driver, there’s an aide on each bus to help the children. Everyone on the bus wears a seatbelt.

How does the hot lunch program work? Where can I see the menu?
The school’s secretary, Anna Provenzano, will supply a pin number and the information on how to set up a lunch account for a student.
The menu can be found here .

What is the school’s policy on food allergens?
At Montrose Early Childhood Center food allergens are taken very seriously. There is no cafeteria so every class has its snack and lunch in the classroom. If your child has a food allergy, whichever class s/he is in will adhere to not having the food that your child is allergic to in the room. The children do share the playground and gymnasium equipment so the teachers and staff are very careful to have everyone wash thoroughly before and after they eat. There is a full time on site nurse to administer an EpiPen, if ever needed.

Are before and after care available and what are the times?
Yes. The South Mountain YMCA provides before care from 7:30-8:30am and after care from 2:30-6:30pm. For more information and pricing go HERE .

What is the Summer Camp at Montrose? How long does it run? How much does it cost? 
The Summer Camp is also considered Extended School Year (or ESY) for those children with special needs and who have an IEP (Individualized Education Program). The school district is required to provide an ESY for those children who have it in their IEP in order to maintain developing skills. The camp is for continuity as well as to have fun with peers. The teachers and staff make it extra fun by using the beach-themed unit from Tools of the Mind curriculum and the children especially enjoy water play on warm weather days!
Spaces for tuition paying students will be limited. The Camp runs for 6 weeks or 30 school days. The 2019 Summer Camp will run from June 27 - August 8, with July 4 off. The hours are 9am-1pm. And, bussing is provided for the ESY students. There is no YMCA before or after-care program during the Summer Camp.
The pricing for general education students is $750 for all 6 weeks or $375 for 3 weeks. There is a sliding scale paying option available depending on a family’s need. Please contact Principal Samuels for more information.